Aliveworld is a dynamic and contemporary on line community building a vibrant, helpful and trusted environment for people at all stages of their later years to grow and develop as a person, to enrich the lives of others and proudly add value to their local community.

why are we called "alive"

The story of one of our friends is heartbreaking, not so uncommon, and is true.

In his late 60’s, he was taken ill suddenly and seriously. So much so his family traveled from around the world to say their last goodbyes.

Despite the odds and thanks to the excellent medical care, he started to improve. It was a long arduous and painful journey. From ICU within a year he could sit in a wheelchair and within another six months he could shuffle along with the help of a walking cane.

On going outside for the first time for more than 18 months he merely sat down, turned his face to the gentle wind, and tilted his head to catch the sun’s rays. He closed his eyes and could hear the birds in the trees above, he heard children playing nearby and cars honking in the distance.

I asked him what he felt, and a big smile came across his face and he said simply “I feel Alive”.

His fear, his pain, his doubts, and the darkness of near-death had all gone. It served as an inspiration to us to contribute and enjoy the rest of our lives as well as ensure each and every waking hour we are thankful for the simple fact that we are Alive!

We started to call our friend on a regular basis to make sure he was OK. He was living with a friend’s daughter and it was becoming increasingly clear that neither was particularly happy with his living arrangements.

By now his story had spread amongst our group as it inspired others to fight on, to help each other, and to seek the best in their remaining years.

As a group we pooled our knowledge and successfully obtained government grants and allowances and then finally we found an aged care home that would take him full time. With correct nursing care available within a similarly aged community, he developed new friends sharing their life experiences.

We also realized that our friend was not the only person in need of care, and we felt that many people would benefit from staying in contact and not just while away the hours alone. Then and there we resolved to set up a website to help build a vibrant community for the elderly.

In searching for a name for our new website we quickly recalled our friend’s words when he had said “I feel Alive!”. The domain Alive was not available but as we were trying to create a new world, a new community, we settled on the domain name “Aliveworld” which we quickly registered.

Since that date, we have spent many enjoyable hours designing and building our new online community.

Our goal is to build a vibrant and helpful online community so people at all stages of their later years can grow and develop as a person, can enrich the lives of others and proudly add value to the community where they now reside.

we offer two main services
  • 1. Bringing you products via our Shopping Portal to enjoy good health as well as look after your self indoors or outdoors. We are constantly expanding the range of goods we offer in order to keep pace with your modern living as we try and make your shopping experience as seamless as possible.
  • 2. Our Academy is a confidential member’s only area to share ideas, help other by giving advice, undertake special hobby courses as well as ask help regarding non medical issues that any member may wish to share. We care about you as a member of our world wide community and the core values of integrity, serving others, helping each other grow and enjoying good health are at the very centre of all our activities.
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